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Monday, March 21, 2011

How Are Your Hormones?

  Sorry if it sounds a bit personal, but believe it or not, hormones are essential to body function. When they are out of whack, so are you! I encourage you to talk to your doctor about getting hormone levels tested if it is within your budget and hopefully insurance will cover some of it. Not only the girly stuff needs to be checked (estrogen is in charge of packing on the pounds for us ladies) but other hormones such as thyroid, cortisol, and mood stabilizers (serotonin and dopamine). Having this info can be very helpful in understanding why you feel the way you do, no matter how hard you try to change.
  Unfortunately in today's environment, our bodies are subjected to so much unnatural "stuff" even when we try our darndest to avoid it, that our bodies are thrown out of whack. We need to be more fervent then ever to take care of these temples we have been entrusted with. Get your yearly physicals, paps, and blood work-ups. You may be surprised how much your body is lacking.
  Stay active, drink water, eat whole healthy foods, get plenty of rest, and rejuvenate your spirit! You're a babe.


  1. If they are taken care of when your healthy it is easier to pin point problems when your not!

  2. Good advice... I think hormone imbalances can cause a whole lot of problems.