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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Detox and Hidden Hurdles

If you're like me- exercising, eating right, having a healthy lifestyle.. and still not losing weight- there may be another reason you are not shedding the pounds. Your body may be poisoned. Now I'm not talking arsenics or food poisoning. I mean the detox kind; like heavy metal, Candida (yeast), needing organ flushes...that sort of thing. I found out I have high levels of aluminum, cadmium, copper, zinc, and magnesium that need to be addressed. I also have Candida, which I have known for years, but have yet to do a cleanse. Now that I understand that they are contributing factors as to why my lifestyle is not enough to lose weight, I am going to get the kits I needs and flush out those evil toxins.

Now you don't necessarily need a blood draw and doctor visit to get diagnosed for these things, as most conventional doctors will look at you funny anyway- naturopathic doctors will work with you on these things. But you do need to let your physician know you want to do a cleanse and make sure the type you want to do will not interfere with any regime or medication you are currently taking.

My recommendations for detoxes would be anything that comes in liquid, gel caps, or capsules. Avoid tablets as they do not dissolve completely and are not readily absorbed. The company my mom uses regularly and trusts is one I have used in the past before too. She's even graduated from their school for holistic nutrition (a plug for you, Mom!).  Herbal Healer Academy is known for clean, natural and organic products with professional research and testing behind each product.

Whatever route of detox you choose, please make sure all natural products are used. If you can't pronounce the name or don't know what it is, walk away. Take control over what goes into your body. Eat better. Cleanse yourself inside and out. Live better and longer!